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London, England

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  • Anya


  • Student
  • Surgeon


  • Father (Unknown
  • Daria Milkovich (Mother)
  • Richard Milkovich (Uncle)
  • Adam Milkovich (Uncle)


Kiss With a Fist;

Anya Daryeevna Milkovich is one of the characters of Kiss With a Fist verse. Her first appearance is at the kitchen of Patria's household, where she is cooking pancakes in the stove. She is a Nillmagi.


Early LifeEdit

Anya Milkovich is the daughter of Daria Milkovich with an unknown father. Anya has been discreet her whole life on the identity of the father is, and Anya rarely paid it any mind. Due to this, she adopted matrynimic naming instead of patronymic.

Daria took care of her by herself while still struggling to maintain her job as a journalist up until Anya was eleven, where Daria got a position as the BBC as a junior journalist after her award-winning newspiece about Russian's justice system. Thus started Anya's stay at the Patria's household one evening at January, her waiting on the living room while trying to juggle the pronunciation of her English that had been personally taught by her mother.

Anya spent her childhood trying to make herself useful. She struggled most of the vacant chore wheel by herself, from washing to cooking. She started cooking at a very young age, but found more joy in baking; in weekends there would always be, more often than not, a scent of sweetness from the Patria's kitchen due to her baking activity.

Current TimelineEdit

As she didn't finish her doctor internship in a government hospital, Anya wasn't legally certified to be a surgeon, but it doesn't stop her from helping. Her internship was happening during the time where Jehan Patria was possessed by the cursed mask, which resulted to her taking care of his wounds from the possession, completely screwing up her internship.

Her relationship with Charlotte remained bad, even though they exchanged words every once in a while.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Anya has a light red hair and freckles in her pale cheeks. She is rather tall, almost taller than her uncle. She wear modest clothes that she bought at a secondhand store, even sometimes borrowing her university friends' clothes. She usually braided her hair when she was taking care of patients.

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