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Character Info
Visualization © Gaspard Ulliel

Place and Date of Birth

Moscow, -






Reykjavik, Iceland

Body Height and Weight

5'11"/ 165lbs

Blood Type



  • Sarge
  • Seshka
  • Sesh
  • Seryozhenka


Con Artist


  • Ivan Azarov - Father
  • Agnessa Alexeyevka - Mother
  • Cielo Seasons - Spouse
  • Lucian Azarov - Half Brother
  • Cyril Azarov - Brother (Adopted)
  • Agnia Azarov - Daughter (Adopted)


Kiss With a Fist

Sergei Ivanovich Azarov, better known by the rest of characters as Sergei Alexeyev, is one of the characters of Kiss With a Fist verse.


Early Life[]

Current Timeline[]

Physical Description[]

Personality and traits[]

His personality differs almost 180° when he's doing his job and when he isn't. On the job, he's strict and perfectionist even to the smallest details, he also accepts no failure from those who are working with or for him. Off the job, the most noticeable trait of his is being arrogant and cocky—not that it was done with any bad intention, it's just the way he is. Though people like Henry, Richard and Cielo often rolls their eyes at the mention of Sergei being a charmer, he is naturally charming as he can always make people to be on his side and supporting his cause whenever he needs, only by sweet-talking them to it. Contrary to his daily persona, he is also able to emphatize with people and offer them advices when it's necessary, and though he doesn't necessarily show it, he cares about people whom he considers family.

Abilities and Skills[]

  • His magic excels most in Hypnosis.
  • Charmer.
  • Quick thinker. He is able to solve any given problem quickly.


Cielo Seasons[]

Richard Milkovich[]

Cyril Azarov[]

Charlotte Patria[]

Agnia Azarov[]


  • Sergei Azarov is his name on legal paper, but he introduces himself as Sergei Alexeyev on daily basis.
  • He claims that he drinks alcohol for the taste. He tended to drink approximately 3-4 bottles amount of alcohol per week before reducing it slowly per Cielo's request. He drinks a bottle or less amount of alcohol per week these days.
  • His alcohol tolerance is really high as he is almost never get drunk when everyone else has.
  • Also a gamer like Richard, but his one true love is Tetris, Super Mario Bros, Tekken and other arcade games.
  • His favourite me-time is playing clay-shot.
  • He owns a lot of antique collectibles, for example, LP records—which most of them are first or even limited editions. He collects it merely because those certain items pique his interest more than any other antique stuffs he has stolen. Most of his collectibles are not legally obtained.